Blog 2: End of Year Work and the Beginning of Summer School

By: Katie Babb

In my internship, I’ve been doing a number of different things. I started at the end of the school year, so one of my projects was creating a spreadsheet to showcase the data we collected from testing and how the students had grown from the beginning to the end of the year. This was created for teachers and the school board. Then I created another spreadsheet outlining how many standards were covered in each unit of a specific curriculum and how long each unit takes so that the teachers can decide which units are most important to cover in the next school year. I also helped to create end of year awards for students and chaperoned a field trip to an amusement park for students who reached their reading goals.
In the summer school program, I cover one of three “stations”. The students rotate through all of the “stations” and cover math, phonics, and reading. I am in charge of the reading station. Some students just read books and take tests through the Renaissance program, while others have short workbooks that include short books and comprehension questions that they work through before reading their own books. I help to guide them through it and make sure they’re understanding what they’re reading.
I’m also in charge of monitoring the Extended Summer Learning program. This is our at-home summer school program for students who didn’t quite need summer school but we wanted to help maintain their growth. I keep track of their time and their scores and update parents on their progress. It’s a lot more responsibility than I’ve had in the past, but so far everything has gone well and I look forward to continuing in the program over the summer.

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