Blog 2-Emerson Nichols

In my internship so far, I have focused on bettering my community. I have been working on coordinating a “Sunrise Yoga” session for both my local high school and community. My hopes are that the community session will be held on my local golf course at 6am, with a certified yoga instructor. I am currently planning on having the high school session on our football field with the same instructor. Some benefits of yoga include lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Yoga can increase muscle strength and flexibility and it can help to improve your sleep. There are many other benefits to yoga, but these are just a few. 

Another thing that I have been working tirelessly on is QR codes to show the historical importance of buildings in Russell. The end goal for these QR codes is that people will be able to walk around to buildings in Russell and scan the QR code which will be on a plaque on each building in our downtown. After scanning the QR, historical facts about the building will be narrated. My hope is that these QR codes will help to better the residents inside of and outside of Russell County’s historical knowledge about my beautiful town. I feel that my town has a lot of historical value, but no one has taken the time to expand on that value. Once I have completed the town’s QR codes, I would like to expand the QR codes to other towns in Russell County. 

One goal that I have for communication is to improve on my response times to emails. I feel that I need to be better about returning emails. A goal that I have for leadership is to improve my confidence. I feel that the more confidence I have in myself and in my skill, the better leader I will become. A goal I have for expanding my professional network is to meet new people and reach out to community leaders. 

Presenting my ideas to the LiveWell Foundation
A Flyer to Promote the Sunrise Yoga

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