Blog 2

My first experiences in working are very challenging. From trying to go to sleep early, to getting up early before six or seven in the morning. But I know I can get better at it. I am working on making my town a better place and having new experiences. Learning and maturing in many different new skills and many opportunities. I not only have one job but I have multiple different jobs that I will go to each week and do different tasks. So far it has been very good. I have been to headstart, where I have made packets and filed papers in binders for the students for long and good hours. Then, I counted how many kids and adults who received lunch trays at the Ezra Jones Cafeteria Lunch Program, it was challenging at times. The second week I worked at the Tule Lake Golf Course in the morning which was pretty cool learning what to do, since it was my first time being at an actual golf course ever.  After I would go there, my afternoon job consists of going to the Child Development Center (Daycare). Where I helped out with the Pre-k and other age groups doing many activities. I feel as if I want to work with kids now or later on. Some other places I will be working at are the City of Tulia, hospital, Meals on Wheels, Chamber of Commerce, the pharmacy, and possibly shadow the vet.  I am excited to keep working and to learn more. In order to do more for my community, I want to probably keep doing this program. These two weeks have gone by so fast. I am ready to endure more knowledge as the summer passes by.

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