Blog 2

I am midway into week two of a 40-50 hour week. The internship started by meeting with Rosslyn Schultz, she is the head of the Grassroots Art Center.  The mission was to get everything they had on limestone rock entered into the Kansas Historical Society.  During my first week, I organized all of the pictures and data I received.  After assembling, I started to scan all of the photos.  Scanning photos was a process that required careful diligence because the images needed to be of high quality.  Now, I am starting the process of uploading the data into the website.  This process consists of inserting photos, the county, city, and name of the building, barn, etc.  Entering data is a task I have to watch and be precise about to make sure everything is correct.  Below are my three goals.    

Communication Goal:  One goal I have in communication is to be able to communicate more via phone.  I email, text, and talk in person often, but I am not as comfortable on the phone.  

Leadership Goal:  One goal I have in leadership is to step up on the cheer team this year even though I am a freshman.  I will lend a hand and be accountable and reliable, even though I am not the oldest and most experienced.  

Professional Network Goal:  One goal I have with professional network is reaching out multiple times.  I enjoy meeting more people, but I also want to have a personal relationship with them.  

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