Blog 2

My name is Andy Diaz and I am currently an intern for Ogallala Commons. As of right now my experience in helping John Wittler and Jeremy West have been pleasant and I have been throughly enjoying the planning of a Farm Tour in the southeast region of Colorado. The Tour will be taking place in late September, the purpose of it is to help people connect with each other, especially helping locals connect to the farmers in their area.

The Tour will start and end at the Hidden Hive in Rocky Ford, CO, there will be 4 other stops along the way which include the Knapps Farmers Market, Hannagan’s in Swink, and a place named Christine’s. Jeremy West has been giving me most of the tasks that need to be completed, as of now I have completed a glossary for the documents that will be used in the tour. The purpose of the glossary is to make sure that all people will be able to understand the content that is in the documents I have also been putting together a Table of contents for all of the documents so that people have easy access to the content they need.

A goal that I have in communication is to make sure that I come across to others as prepared and be as clear honest with my words as possible. As for a goal in leadership, I think that I should take more initiative to take on tasks as I finish others. As far as expanding my professional network I think that I should make sure that I ask for help from John or Jeremy or anyone else whenever I need some assistance or guidance.

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