Blog 2

In my internship, I have been learning a lot. My main job has been sitting at the front desk and greeting customers. At first, it was hard to get used to because some people are not accustomed to being greeted. As customers started to get more used to having someone sitting at the front desk again, it became easier. When I am not greeting customers, I am with my supervisor, Shade out in the community. For example, on Wednesdays there is a cattle sale at the sale barn down the street. It fits perfectly into the banking world because agriculture is everyone at the sale barn. Even if we do not recruit more customers, we make the current customers feel at ease knowing we are real people. Another event I was able to attend was the Urban Renewal meeting. At the meeting I was able to learn about how important it is to budget money and use it a correct way, which the Urban Renewal board does. It really opened my eyes to see how banking is everywhere. One of my favorite activities that I was able to assist with was representing the bank at the 4-H Livestock sale. Although I am already heavily involved with 4-H, it was especially nice to take a break and be on the other end of what I am used too. One thing that surprised me is that sales like that are very political. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I feel that it was imperative that I learned that early on.

My goal for communication is becoming more confident in myself to speak to my own peers. I feel like I am very good at speaking to people older than me but struggle with my own age group. My goal in my work is learning to say no. I often times feel overwhelmed because I feel that I cannot say no. My goal for expanding my professional network is continuing to attend events with my supervisor in order to meet as many people as possible.

The view from my desk!
One of the most important part of my job, copies!

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