Blog 2

For the past couple of weeks my internship has consisted of a lot of planning and yard work around the Vilas rec district properties. Today I started the basketball camp that I have been planning for a while with the help of some other people. I had 4 people help me today with the camp and what we are doing is taking the kids through some basic ball handling and fundamental drills making sure they are getting use to dribbling a basketball. The goal in doing this is that hopefully by the end of the week they are more comfortable dribbling and playing with teammates so that once basketball season starts in the fall they will have a head start and already know what they are doing. As far as goals go, my goal in leadership for this week is coaching these kids to the extent in which they are more teachable in the future and to see that they do not make the same mistakes in the future that they do this week. Then as far as communication, I tried to get the word out to as many people as possible before this camp started and I will continue to do that so if I can en the week with more kids than what we started with I think I will have succeeded in that category. Finally for networking goals, I see this camp as a great opportunity for future employment in terms of putting it on a resume and having it noticed, if that happens I will be happy.

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