Blog 2

Hi, my name is Harleigh Thompson and the first week of my internship I was at my hometown local pharmacy, Moore Than Medicine. It is owned by Josh and Christina Moore. The employees were very nice, and I would love to work there again. At the pharmacy, I helped find people’s medicine and helped restock the store. The second week of my internship I was at the probation office in the courthouse, It is operated by Anna Kate Nobile and Kendra Sturgess. At the probation office,  I help around with whatever they need by making copies or taking papers to another office, I also help by watching kids complete their community service hours with Martina Duarte. The office is full of girls and it can get very hectic at times but it’s worth it by being able to be interning with such great and amazing people. I am interested in becoming a probation officer in the future so I am glad to have the opportunity to work in this office.

This summer I made three different types of goals for my internship. My first goal is communication. I want to be able to speak more for myself because when I’m around adults I sometimes keep to myself and I become shy so I want to get out of my bubble and speak out more. My second goal is networking.  I want to learn something new about the work environment where I am interning everyday so I can learn more and more about the world that we are in. My third goal is leadership. I want to learn how to get the people in my community more involved in our town to make it better.

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