Blog #2

Blog #2

As I started my internship a little over a week ago, I have already done very exciting and educational things in summer school. My last internship I was with a kindergarten class and this year I am with second grade. EVen though second grade and kindergarten aren’t very far off in age there are some major differences when working with these grade levels. In my class this year, we have worked on lots and lots of math and reading with them. It is a challenge most days trying to keep their attention but you can see their math and reading skills really improving. Last friday we went on a school field trip to a Eastern New Mexico University in a nearby town called Portales and we got to show the kids an animal museum, a mineral museum, and a history museum which they enjoyed a lot. It was a great learning experience for me as well because it was my third time taking a field trip and we will be taking another one this we to the zoo so I will know how to take care of the kids on field trips and what to do and what not to do.

A goal I have in communication is to work on answering my emails and texts about work faster, I struggle answering emails especially and I want to work on that. The leadership goal I have is working on my teaching skills such as communication, patience, and kindness. It is hard for me to communicate sometimes because I’m not an actual teacher so sometimes I get a little shy and I don’t know what to say, also patience can be a test for anyone who works with kids so not getting frustrated at them when they don’t listen, lastly kindness because being kind to everyone especially kids can make a world of difference. Lastly my professional networking goal is making sure I give 100% everyday and do a good job because being in a school you have lots of connections between the principle and teachers you worked with because they are all apart of their own school network and they can be a good reference for a job for you or the principle actually offering you a job.

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