Blog 2

Jake Hinds


First Experiences


For the last four weeks, I have been an intern for Ogallala Commons. In the small amount of work I have done,  I’ve seen a big improvement in not only the objects in my community but the people in it as well. This summer, my fellow interns and I have taken it upon ourselves to make our community a more “Teen Friendly” place to be. During the planning of our internship, we decided the town just didn’t have enough things to do for the younger generation. In our town we have some beaten up Basketball and Tennis courts, a park, an out of commission swimming pool, a dirt track, and a baseball field. We decided these all had potential to be fun things to do, but they were all neglected and were in desperate need of a fix-up. This year, we decided we should focus on the basketball and tennis courts and save the rest of the projects for the years to come. So, of course, we needed to see what needed to be done. We scouted the area and decided we needed to fill the cracks, paint on new lines, replace the nets, paint the fence, and tend to the vegetation around the area. In addition to fixing up the basketball and tennis courts, we decided to have a four day camp for kids of all ages. They can learn about Drama, Art, Music, and Photography. All classes will be taught by the interns. I am looking forward to my internship and making my community a better place.

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