Blog #2

    This is my first internship and I really didn’t know what to expect, but it has been so much fun and I have learned a lot. I am working with three other interns on making our community better and more enjoyable. Just this last week we finished putting on a camp teaching young kids about Drama, Art, Music, and Photography. Now we are cleaning up our basketball and tennis courts. We painted the lines on the basketball court and replaced the nets. There were little trees growing in the baseball fence by the courts so we cut them out.  We are also repainting the fence poles around the tennis courts and the shed that holds supplies by the courts. We also painted and repaired the basketball bleachers. Near the courts there were a lot of stickers so we got the fire department to help us burn. They helped us and we got a great experience riding and helping put out the fire when we were done.

    While we were working on our projects we went to different governing boards around the area and told them about Ogallala Commons and what we were doing in our internship. All the boards we went to thought this internship was a great opportunity to get some work experience and better our community. I am less than a week away from completing my hours, but we still have a lot of projects planned that will be volunteer. It is so nice to see how much better the community looks with just simple projects done.

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