blog #2

Blog #2


I am working on my skills in the classroom with one on one interactions and by observation in the classroom so that I can found out the necessary skill set needed in order to become the most successful and influential teacher possible. The goals I have set for myself during this internship are, become more outgoing so I can build one on one relationships with each of the kids. Another goal I have is expanding my comfort zone and getting more involved in grades that I particularly wouldn’t want to teach or grade levels considered more challenging to teach. Lastly, become more open minded so I am able to learn new teaching methods and understand how kids react to certain teaching methods. During this internship so far I have worked with kindergarten and P.E. classes, this is where I will be spending most of my time during this project. With the P.E. I work with all grade level kids and this is challenging because each grade level you have to change what you are doing that day by the class because the skill sets are not the same. You cannot expect a 1st grader to be able to do the same things as a 5th grader. Also P.E. is difficult because some kids aren’t as active so they will be very difficult and not do anything at all. With the kindergarteners I have a new understanding for the word patients, they are a wonderful group of children but sometimes it is difficult getting them to listen and understand what you are saying. Overall over the first 2 weeks I have already learned so much about teaching and I will continue to grow as a student and a teacher.


Attached is pictures of the kindergarten class spelling their names with Play-Doh and making Fruit Loop necklaces.



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