Blog About Me

I am very proud to be an intern for the Ogallala Commons, I hope to learn from the experience. Thank y’all for having me as an intern for ya’ll, I promise you won’t regret it. Some of my tactical skills include entering data bases, verbal and written communications, research, being persistent, and I am willing to take on any work or task.

I also have the content skills of understanding, I am generational, know rural communities, as well as the urban areas, and I pick up on things very quickly.
My core focus and interest would probably be to intern doing something involving business, or anything really. Whatever you need me to do I’ll do it without hesitation. Although my main experience is in the business area.My name is Adonica Delos Santos, I am from Tulia, TX, and I am 16 years old. I am passionate about always trying my best whether I succeed or fail, as long as I know I tried my best. I like to lead, and help others discover themselves. My main hobby is working out, and I am very interested in the business field and anything that involves math. My long term career goals are to either become an accountant, or a teacher. My career all depends on my high school experience, and job opportunities I get. This internship will allow me to see how it is in the real world. I I’d be getting the experience of a life time, I’ll actually get hands on to get the feel of a career path that’s just for me. This experience will allow me to meet new people, and get to know myself more and more each day. If I get the opportunity to be an intern, it would truly help me choose my career path I want. imageimage


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