Blog 1 – Second Time Around!

Hello, my name is Becky! This is my second year interning for OC and it couldn’t be more thrilling. Last year my internship was at the Baca County Library where I learned just about everything I could ever want to (and then some) about the inner workings of a public library. This year, I’m interning at Vanguard Strategic working on various OC based projects for this region. With these two internships, I’ve got a strong foundation for my two passions in life: books and business. This fall at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, I’ll start my undergrad studies in English literacy and business. The ultimate goal is to work on some research projects that will allow me to study the reasons behind third-world village high literacy rates, the effects low literacy rates can have, and eventually provide a solution through teachers and learning material both in English and the area’s native language. With that, I think I should have a pretty good start for a global non-profit, but all in good time!

I can’t thank Ogallala Commons enough for providing me with these two pivotal opportunities and beyond that, connecting me with some truly remarkable people. John Wittler, for one, has been so helpful these this past year by setting up my first internship, offering me a job after, and now allowing me to work and intern at the same time. That said, the timing is a little weird but it works out. The internship should finish around the first week of June, just in time for a hectic summer to start! Of course, that is exactly why we decided to go ahead with the internship now. (Thanks to Darryl and all the OC staff who got a minor headache setting all this up!) It’s been a process, what with paychecks and blogs and other requirements that still need to be fulfilled but are no longer regulation, but we’re still trekking on!

One of my senior pics!
Here I am at CO State FBLA where I got 4th in my event.. Looking forward to nationals this summer!


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