Blog 1: Part 2 – Red Willow Internship

Hello, my name is Jennifer Kaasa and this is my second internship at Red Willow. It has been almost a year from when I first started. The amount of knowledge and growth I have gained from this internship makes me feel more balanced within myself. I feel it was just simply working closer with mother earth, working closer with the community and feeling what my ancestors experienced agriculturally, that really allowed me to ground my roots and grow more as a individual and really take in what I was being taught. I remember when I first took on this internship I went in with the intentions of wanting to learn how to grow food and what that was about. But now that I’m a year in I feel inspired to just inspire others. I want the youth in my community to see what I’m doing as a youth also and want to do the same for the community. I want to educate the community of the knowledge I have learned. I want to make sure every youth knows they have a voice and their opinions matter because they are the future. I also have learned a lot about healthy foods, and I have been studying more on my pueblo foods that my people used to eat long ago. I definitely feel there is a big link between peoples heath declining and have a poor diet. I feel people should be more educated on how foods can be medicines.

Sincerely, Jennifer Kaasa

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