Blog 1: Juan Gonzalez

My first week working for Western Equipment was good and I learned a lot of techniques that can help me later in the work field. Learning more tools and getting used to them is something I improved at while working my first week.

Something else I thought was something I have gotten better at was introducing myself to everyone. I would normally be scared to talk around a lot of grown-ups but I felt welcomed by everyone and helped build more relationships with my co-workers.

While meeting everyone a few of them asked who my parents were and when I told them I found out that 2 of them are my cousins that I never knew. The boss put me to work with them knowing they were my cousins. It made me feel more comfortable because I didn’t know anyone. The first 3 days while working with them helped a lot because they would introduce me to everyone and helped me build a bond while working with every single one of them. By Friday I knew everyone’s names and wasn’t scared to be around or talk to anyone I see I’m working with.

These few things helped me out so much with my communication skills and to be more confident in myself with working with other people. I’ve made connections with people I didn’t know at all and knowing that I have those connections helps me be myself around them. The experience I have at this job in a week is something I am proud of myself for learning and improving my communication skills overall. I really enjoyed my first week and am glad I chose Western Equipment to be my very first internship. I will continue to keep learning new things every day and keep improving myself in communicating with others.

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