Blog 1: Introduction

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Kelli Holthaus

Blog 1: Introduction

Due: June 7, 2015


I am from Tribune Kansas, a small western Kansas town where I was born and raised. Growing up a small community like Tribune has made me who I am today and without all the support I wouldn’t be where I am today. I grew up on a ranch and was involved in many 4-H and livestock activities along with running Cross Country and Track in high school. I graduated in 2014 from Greeley County High School and am now attending the University of Kansas with a current Pre-Business major. I have been involved in different organizations including Young Life College (youth group), which has been my favorite. Through these organizations I have met many amazing people who push me to do my best. I am passionate about running and being active. I always want to be outside, I enjoy the outdoors.

I am interning for the Greeley County Community Development office with Christy Hopkins. I hope to gain more knowledge about my community and to bring families together. I was born and raised in Tribune and to me it a wonderful community to grow up and be apart of. I want other families to feel the same warmth and comfort I feel towards my community as well. With the “family nights” that we will be starting, along with the new parks, community members will be able to engage in many activities in the community. I am excited to see the families in the community come out and enjoy all the activities and for me to learn more about my community.

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