Blog 1 – BIO Diego Lozano

By: Diego Lozano

My name is Diego Lozano. I was born and raised in Dodge City Kansas but my family is from Miguel Auza, Zacatecas in Mexico. I love going down to Mexico and walking the streets of Miguel Auza or exploring the mines of Plateros. I’ve lived in Dodge City my whole life. Throughout my life, I’ve always liked working with my hands. One of my earliest memories is helping my Grandfather work on his car. I enjoyed taking things apart and seeing what made them tick. Honestly, it kind of upset my parents that I always took things apart, but it just goes to show you that I had a curious mind as a child and I wanted to know more. Later on, in my middle school years, a construction company was building a house in the empty lot next to my family’s home and I remember being so fascinated with seeing the construction workers build. Every afternoon when I got home from school, I would sit by the window and watch them work. After that, I would gain a deep interest in anything related to construction. I took several classes in high school related to construction. At first, I took Architectural Design classes and then Construction Trades. Before I started working for the Inspections Department for the City of Dodge City, I was taking Trades classes at Dodge City Community College to study for my General Contractors. As for my time in the city, I hope my internship will better prepare me for my G11 General Contractor’s Test and Electrician’s Test.

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