Blog #1: About Me

By: Edel Ramos

Hello! My name is Edel Ramos. I was born here in Colorado, and I have lived here my entire life. I grew up on a ranch in Holyoke, CO, a small town in the very northeast corner of colorado. Growing up, I would always be spending time outside, always playing and running, and occasionally helping out with whatever I could. I’ve raised cattle, horses, and even my fair share of cats and dogs. I’ve always been pretty passionate about helping others, whether it’s people or animals. I always love helping others in any way I can. I have many hobbies, which include working out, running, drawing, listening to music, and I am very interested in learning about animals or anything nature-related. As a kid, I would even spend most of my time drawing all kinds of animals! Although I don’t draw as much anymore, my love for animals still grows day by day. I don’t have a definite plan for the future, but I am hoping to eventually work in an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, or maybe even open my own daycare/boarding facility where dogs can play and feel free while their owners are away, instead of being kept in kennels. This internship would give me the experience needed to kick-start that journey, and it would help me learn a lot more about this specific field of work. This internship would open up so many possibilities, and many of those would lead down the path of the veterinary industry.

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