Blog #1 “About Me”

Internship at Downtown Women’s Center

I am originally from Alamogordo, NM but I grew up in Amarillo. I have three children and a grandson. My daughter is 28 and my two sons are 13 and 9. My grandson is 6. I grew up in utter chaos and then married chaos. I have survived every type of abuse imaginable and I have done some serious internal work to heal from my past. Through years of therapy and God guiding me through this process; I finally have peace in my life. The pain and devastation taught me some harsh lessons and gave me a heart to help others. After my divorce, I was getting my life back in order and then my house burned down. This threw me into a different world, homelessness. I learned a lot there; about myself and how so many others came to be there too.  I have been in and out of college for most of my life and decided right then I was going to do whatever it took to get my degree. I realized to help others I needed to first help myself and become successful and then I can help others do the same. It was then that God blessed me with the perfect answer, a spot available at Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage’s. It is a program for single moms that want to get an education and teach their children the importance of an education. I have been at Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage’s for almost a year now. I am a senior at WTAMU and I am working on my BBA in Computer Information Systems. For fun, I love to read and watch Criminal Minds. MY passion is to open a halfway house and/or recovery home for women and their children.  I want to help people especially single moms with children and/ or women coming out of prison. This internship will give me the experience I need to open my own non-profit organization eventually.

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