Biography-Emerson Nichols

My name is Emerson Nichols and I live in Russell, KS. I am a member of multiple clubs and an officer in the majority of those clubs. I am passionate about my faith, family, helping others, and learning. My main interests would include spending time with my family, reading, playing sports, and watching tv. I also greatly enjoy working out. While I like to have most of my future planned out, my long-term career goals are not set in stone. They aren’t set in stone because I am not 100% sure on what career I would like to enter. I am currently most interested in Pediatric Medicine and Architecture. No matter what career I choose to go into, I want to be as successful as possible and positively affect lives, while still maintaining time for family and friends. The Ogallala Commons internship can help me reach these goals by helping improve my work ethic, computer skills, communication skills, and leadership skills. I find that all of these items listed will be important in not only my future career, but also my life. While at the Ogallala Commons Internship at Talon Point Retreat Center in Texas, I learned more about what the Ogallala Commons goals and passions are. Going into the retreat, I was very unnerved because I did not feel confident in my knowledge about the Ogallala Commons Organization. When I left the retreat, I had gained a lot of knowledge about the organization. I was the only person from Russell County to attend the retreat, and I was amazed at the kindness I received from everyone at the retreat. I had a lot of fun learning about what the other interns plan to do during their time with Ogallala Commons. 

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