Biographical Sketch

I’ve grown up in Kansas, an environment that prospers off of our farmers. On a more micro scale, Dodge City, where I live, thrives off of our two meat packing plants. I was raised solely by my mother. My mother has instilled feminism, cultural appreciation, political awareness, and taking the steps to make my future the way I have always envisioned. 

I find traveling the best way to spend my time. Two flights away or even 2 hours away, adventuring away from my home has become a fulfilling part of my life. A more active hobby is dancing. I’ve been dancing longer than I’ve been able to completely say a full sentence. Like many dancers would say, “it’s a coping mechanism”, a very healthy one. 

I hope to get my Bachelors degree in Marketing and Minor in Fashion Studies at Kansas State University. After those four years end, I plan on moving to New York City and transfer my credits to LIM College where I will get a Fashion Marketing degree. 

The brain is a muscle that can never learn too much. If I do get the opportunity to receive this internship I will not only learn from professionals, but I will also take what i’ve learned from the experience and apply it to my goals and aspirations in the future. Networking is the most inexpensive way to start curating success and Ogallala is such a great start for that to happen. 

Friends I made at the 2021 Ogallala Retreat near Channing, TX.

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