Hello, my name is Isabella Proctor. I live in a small town in Colorado called Rocky Ford. I graduated from high school this year and my future plans involve attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and studying integrative physiology. Rocky Ford is well known for the cantaloupes and watermelons grown locally. My family is involved in growing cantaloupe among other crops in the local valley. The past summers I have spent on the family farm working alongside my dad and brothers. Coming from a small town, I felt that there was not very many job opportunities for people like myself. I have never had an official job before this summer. This year I decided to branch out and try something different. When I heard about Ogallala Commons I immediately applied for an internship through the program. I then interviewed for my internship with the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District. So far in my internship, I have worked a lot on spreadsheets inputting information. I have also learned how to edit a website to update the current information through a program. Another task that I’m currently in training for is checking to the local ponds that the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District oversees. I am learning how to check the levels of the two different ponds. One of the pictures below shows the desk that I normally do most of my work. The other picture shows the boots and shovel that I use when I go check the ponds.

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