My name is Scott Sansom. I’ve spent my entire life living on a farm and ranch in Northwest Kansas. Though my childhood experiences greatly differ from many others, being a “farm kid” has taught me many values and principles I will hold dear for the remainder of my life. Growing up in a rural community has allowed me to always dream big and strive for greatness one step at a time. I am extremely passionate about photography, and take immense pride in my work, never leaving my camera at home. I also enjoy hunting and fishing, or anything outdoors in general. Though there are many parts of small-town life I dislike, there are many opportunities one would never get to have in a more urban setting. I’m proud of where I came from, and love watching my peers do their part to put our small community on the map. I’ve always wanted to enter the business world, but I definitely have a lot to learn before I am where I’d like to be. I am hopeful that an OC internship can help my base of knowledge and teach me how to be a remote employee. My immediate plans are to work in software development and eventually own several businesses in diverse fields, eventually facilitating the ability to retire on passive income from my investments. I believe that making connections with people is one of the most powerful avenues to achieve success, and making a good, ethical impression in every aspect of your life can have a domino effect to further your career. I am a huge believer that opportunities are everywhere if you simply know how to spot them.

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