My name is Anthony Joel Patino I am a fifteen year old who is doing his first internship this year with OC. I don’t have much to say about me, I am doing this internship for work experience and future references for things like collage and other jobs I may have soon. I am looking forward to this internship and getting the experience that comes along with it. I started my first day June 20th and got a bit of a outlook on what I will be working on with my supervisor. He has taken me to locations where they have been “Grubbing” in my county and explained why they grub and what the benefits of it are. He has also explained to me how local farmers and ranchers who are grubbing are also trying to get permission to have prescribed burns. June 21st Producers had a meeting at the bank to have lunch and speak on how to get permission to have prescribed burns in Texas, along with how to get around the burn ban in our county. My supervisor took the Producers and informants to see the areas that are wanting access to burn. This is about all I have did as my time as an intern so far. I know that next week we will be spraying cactus patches to get them more under control. I could see myself working in a environment such as the one I am interning in. I am looking forward to the rest of my internship.

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