My name is Analyce Montoya. I am from Rocky Ford, Colorado and I am going to be doing an internship at Cottonwood Ridge Assisted Living. I have chosen to do this internship because I feel it will open up many different opportunities for my career. I am a student at Rocky Ford Hugh School and I am going to be a junior. I am looking for different fields of work to go into after I graduate. This internship will help me become more responsible and social. I am an organized and hardworking person. I also enjoy learning new things. I want to become more involved with society so I chose to take the internship at Cottonwood Ridge Assisted Living. I can make a difference in my community by giving back to the elders that have helped one of us at one point in time. This summer I am going to be turning 16 and after this internship is over it’s going to give me an idea on what field of work I will be going into after the summer ends. I have been involved in Agriculture for four years now and I have been in FFA for two years. I plan on being in FFA till I graduate because it is very helpful and resourceful.

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