My name is Freedom. I was born in Denver Colorado, and I moved around a lot. I’m fourteen years old. I never really got settled into anywhere certain. I always loved helping out the community and making new friends. It was always hard to get a job, and keep it. No one would hire me, because we kept moving around. Just after my mom died, we settled into Springfield, Colorado. Springfield has always been a home to me, because every time we moved away, we always moved back. Now I’m here to stay! I can’t wait to start a job and get new experiences! I am very excited about helping around the school. I have made friends with our janitor, Ms. Laura. I can’t wait to help her. I already help her out around the school when I see her. She would have to be one of my favorite janitors, At every school I’ve ever gone to, I made it a point to be friends with the janitors. Every now and then I see my old janitor from my elementary school. Whenever I see her, I hug her and we sit and catch up on everything that has happened. I’m really excited to start this job! I also can’t wait to help out Rex. He works with maintenance as well, but in the more complicated areas, as in mowing and doing electrical work. I really just want to give our staff help. They do a lot by themselves and I think they deserve it!

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