Ben Trevino

Hi, my name is Ben Trevino and I am from Briscoe, CO. I will be a junior in high school. I am involved in a lot of things and I am a manager for the high school team. I am also involved in school activities like TAFE, FCCLA, UIL, FFA,4-H, and the National Honor Society. 

I have been in 4-H for 8 years. I have a swine project that I have about ten to twelve every year to go to different majors’ stock shows. I love to be in 4-H because it teaches me how to be respectful and responsible and how to be a good leader.

So in my internship, I am working with the Texas AgriLife Extension office. What I am doing in that field is that I am helping kids do the right thing and I am getting a better education so I can be an agent or vet. I haven’t decided yet but I also help with the Highway Cleanup. We do the food distribution and we have our summer reading program.

I like this job because it is getting me experience in the real world and how to save money and how to spend my money correctly. My goal in this internship is to have a good experience in the Extension office so that when I grow up I can get that job that I want. What I really like about it is you get to meet different people from that job and they are really nice and they are good at their job.

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