Being a Field Scout

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This summer I will be working working full time (40 hours a week) for Mr. James Todd. He owns his own agricultural consulting company in which he advises farmers, that have requested his services, when to do certain things such as  spay chemical for weeds and pests as well as which ones to use. This is very vital information for farmers because it not only saves them time and money on chemical purchases but it also lets them know how their crop is doing since all of them are busy looking after numerous farms in the area. So now to my aspect of this operation. I am what is commonly known as a field scout. My job is to go to all those fields for Mr. Todd and report back my findings. This is all done by hand and on foot to each individual field and when I am done I record my data on an iPad that is linked to James so he can review all the data and give the necessary advice to that particular farmer.

So far I have been riding with James a lot in order to get my feet under me and be a reliable scout. He is teaching me all I have to do in each field and for each crop. We mostly see corn, cotton, milo, and a few black eyed peas. He is teaching me to identify certain pests and weeds so I can accurately record what I find in each field. I am catching on a little bit and have put in two weeks out of my ten so far. I feel like I am getting the hang of everything so hopefully by my next post I will be a field scout expert.


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