baby loving and volunteering

Hello again!

This week I am pleased to talk about my volunteer experience with the Polk UMC Child Development Center. Fortunately, this volunteer opportunity was set up through my roommate, who currently works for this Child Development Center in downtown Amarillo. This organization just happens to be located minutes away from my current place of work at the Maverick Boys and Girls Club. Coupled with a love for kids and an excellent location, I couldn’t be happier to volunteer my time with this organization.

Volunteer 2

This organization cares for every age group from new born babies to four years old. Upon entering the building, the bright and bubbly aura of the staff and environment was quite apparent and made it easy to settle in. I volunteered my time in the “Creeper” room, whose name is derived from the ages of the babies cared for: between 12 and 18 months old. Nearing the end of their time in the Creeper room, most of the babies are consistent “walkers” instead of “creepers” as the name suggests, which made looking after them especially interesting. My time was spent playing in the gym, reading picture books, and consoling these little bundles of joy. The work was refreshing, the least to say.


Since the start of my internship, I have volunteered at the CDC every afternoon after my time at the Maverick. Due to the frequency of my time here, I have become very attached to the babies and will miss them when the internship ends. These babies are the epitome of innocence and I’ve learned that sometimes the hug of a baby will cure anything that ails you! I am happy to say that this place gives me hope for the future generations to come.

Thank you Polk UMC CDC for allowing me to volunteer here!

To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

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