Axel Villa

My name is Axel Villa. I am a Sports and exercise science major specializing in physical therapy and attending WTAMU. I am from the small town of Tulia, Tx. I am the son of 2 immigrant parents and the brother to an older sister. Growing up, I was taught to cherish those around me and work each day to become a better person for me and those around me. Growing up, I participated in many sports, band, and other trades skills. I now spend most of my time hanging out with friends, participating in intramural sports, working out, and watching movies.

My ultimate goal is to be a successful professional within my career and a respected citizen within my community. This internship will allow me to gain new skills and utilize the ones I already have to achieve my ultimate goals. During the internship I will be spending the first 2 weeks observing physical therapists at our local clinic in an effort to learn from them and gain experience. I will then spend the remainder of my internship working with several businesses and organizations within our community, such as the Mid Tule Village, Moore than Medicine, Tulia Chambers of Commerce, Van Pelt Real Estate, Meals on Wheels, Swisher Electric, and Happy Toy Maker

I will intern at these places in our community to learn and gain as much knowledge about our community and its needs. I hope that after this internship, I can better understand what it takes for a rural community like ours to be successful and continue to prosper. Along the way, I am eager to learn and gain knowledge on how to foster and maintain relationships with my community. As well as learn from our community members what it takes to be a leader for our community and anyone they may meet.

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