Aubrey Summers: Blog 1

Hi, my name is Aubrey Summers. I live and attend high school in Springfield, Colorado. I will be a junior this coming year. I have  participated in 4-H for seven years. I am currently participating in shooting sports, photography, and art through 4-H. Shooting sports is by far my favorite, I have shot .22 for six years. Last year I placed sixth at  state and this year I hope to place in the top four, so I can participate in the National competition. I also  participate in knowledge bowl. In my free time I enjoy shooting with my dad and friends. I also enjoy  drawing, and painting. I have many life goals. I want to travel the world and take pictures of famous  architecture, and landmarks. I want to go to college for forensic science, specifically a forensic specialist,  or a forensic pathologist. I enjoy science, I am currently taking Biology, and have just finished learning  about DNA, I really enjoyed it. An internship in the lab at Southeast Colorado Hospital would help me  achieve my goal by teaching me the basics of lab work, as well as helping me decide if this is something I  want to dedicate my life to. 

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