Atwood Common Wealth

I found the common wealth in my community to be strong. Education consisted of the schools of course, but many learn from summer camps such as the Garden Project. Many of my examples are in multiple categories, for example, along with education, the garden project also offers a sense of food shed. We explain how people can grow things that can be sold in a local farmers market or grocery stores. I referred to our local yoga studio in a few categories like, health, spirituality, and recreation. There are many places and activities that fit under the recreation category. As I walked about town, I saw many summer camps going on. I saw a class at an art studio, swimming lessons, and much more.


For the renewable energy category, I immediately thought of windmills. I have  seen them everywhere in out county, but they also relate to the water cycle.Our local midwest energy is putting in a solar panel field soon, which will be a good source of renewable energy. On the edge of town we have a nature walk for wildlife, education,  and recreation.


We have a couple antique stores, like the Ol’ Deopt, that offer great history. As I tried to look for something that would even come close to the soil or mineral cycle, I realized I was looking too hard. We are surrounded by the soil and mineral cycle. Rural Kansas runs off farming, and the base of farming is the soil and mineral cycle.



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