Assets in My Small Town

              With this being the third blog, we are asked to look around and explore our communities to search for the what is considered by the Ogallala Commons the 12 Key Assets of Commonwealth. When I first think about Hart, Texas. I think of something small and unknown, but its there and it does have some great assets. You’ll definitely have to search for them but some where they are there.

              When thinking of the assets there are some that are prominent in the community. With one that stands out the most of all of them is Spirituality. Hart has many churches in the town, the numbers are more than what I believe there should be. With so many in the area you have your preference of churches to choose from. The community is entrenched in the various religions that are in the area!

              One unique thing that Hart does have for a small community is a medical office that has dental capabilities as well. It is something that should be expanded and could possibly be a stepping stone to make this small town something greater. It opens a lot of doors for the community because many residents do come to this community just for that.

              This is a small town and needs some perspective that it will take a different view to make it as great as it possibly can. It’s a great community and hopefully it can keep not just surviving but begin to prosper.

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