As the Summer Draws to an End

Next week will be both my last week of summer and my last week at Covenant Hospital Plainview. I have absolutely enjoyed the time I have spent interning there.

The front of the hospital where I have done my internship.

Leslie Hackett was my internship supervisor at the hospital. She has been very helpful and always seemed glad to help with anything I needed. She set up my schedule at the beginning of the summer based off of the units I told her I would like to work in. I was allowed to do the majority of my internship in the newborn nursery, which I greatly appreciated. A few weeks into the summer, I decided I wanted to go on vacation, so Leslie let me rearrange my schedule to where I could get away for a week. She also came to the nursery and checked on me every week, to make sure I was getting to experience things and to see if there was anything I needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor!

I have to brag on the nurses I worked with in the nursery as well. They were fantastic! I was always offered an opportunity to participate in new aspects of newborn care at every birth. By the end of the internship, I was being allowed to scrub in during cesarian sections and receive the baby when it was born. Most of them went out of their way to enable me to get the most out of my internship. Starting IVs was not something I was comfortable with before this internship, but I was allowed to start one on every patient that needed one during my shift. That has greatly reduced my worries about IVs and made me more comfortable with starting them. All of the nurses that I worked with were open to teaching me and very patient as I was learning new information and tasks. I was fortunate to be able to work with all of these ladies!

I would have to say that the only negative part of this entire experience was the drive. I drove from Canyon to Plainview (about 45 minutes) every Monday morning. I had to leave by 6:00am in order to make it in time. It was worth it though, I have gotten more experience than I could have ever imagined while working there.

The sunrise on my drive to Plainview.
The sunrise on my drive to Plainview.

Overall, I cannot thank Ogallala Commons or Covenant Hospital Plainview enough. Throughout this summer, I have gotten invaluable experience. Not only in a hospital, but also in a unit I want to pursue a career in post-graduation in December.

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