Andy Diaz Bio

My name is Andy Diaz, and I am from Del Norte, Colorado. I have lived here in the San Luis Valley for the majority of my life, and I am very passionate about helping people in any way that I can, especially if it has to do with exercise or nutrition because I enjoy seeing other people be active and improving their health. My Main interests are listening to music, hip/hop in particular and my favorite artist is Mike. 

I love hanging out with friends and going on trips whenever I am not occupied going to college. My hobbies include fishing, weightlifting, gaming, mountain biking, and most recently snowboarding. I take the opportunity to be outdoors as much as I possibly can because it allows me to have a deeper appreciation for the world that we live in. Learning about exercise and nutrition is another one of my interests because it fascinates me how our bodies can move and recover from everything that we push it through.

 My long-term career goals are to be in a position where I can help others in their path to increasing their fitness and health, whether that is working as a teacher or becoming a trainer. I believe that this internship can help me reach these goals through helping to organize different events and establishing new relationships by connecting with individuals. The tasks that I will perform through this internship will allow me to grow as a person and become more connected with the region around me.

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