And Thats A Wrap!

Hello Everyone!

Whoa, has this internship flew by! I have had a summer of a lifetime and one I will definitely never forget! I have learned so much more than I ever expected I would. I would recommend Ogallala Commons to anyone.

My first experience was working at the Swisher County Head Start in Tulia. At first I mainly filled paperwork (which was BORING) but, I learned that EVERY business requires LOTS and LOTS of paperwork; without paperwork businesses wouldn’t run smoothly. Through the week I got to know some wonderful ladies that I will never forget working with. They were so kind and so fun to work with!

I worked at the extension office three weeks of my internship and it was busy busy busy the whole time I was there. The first week we went to Caprock Canyon State park (H20 camp). We did ALOT of planning and work to get ready for this big day, but it turned out being a great time and the kids learned a lot! The second and third week we got ready for the BIG picnic week, probably the hardest two weeks of my internship. Cole Lewis and I hung signs at the park, bagged 150 bags of ice, worked on the 4-H float ( by the way, we got 1st place )! The extension office was tons of fun! I never understood how much Calley, John, Glenda, Kaytie, and Ethal do for all of the kids in 4-H and most importantly our town.

My third work experience was at the Hospital. The Hospital is some place I will never want to work but was definitely a great experience! I worked all over the Hospital; on Monday I worked in the lab and watched the ladies draw blood all day, I loved it. On Tuesday I worked in Physical Therapy. On Wednesday I worked at the nurses station and the ER, there I learned I do not do well under pressure. Finally my last day I worked at the Clinic and did paperwork galore.

Next my job site was at the Chamber of Commerce, I never really understood what the chamber was until I worked there. The Chamber is the main source of all the things going on in the town. I got to help with the Chambers annual golf tournament, and also made a sign for the county picnic. Happy Cole (Chamber of Commerce Director) had me on the toes the whole week!

The City Of Tulia was so fascinating to me. I was astonished with the dispatch and 911 station. I also really loved riding around in the cop car with deputy Hall. He taught me a lot about what cops do, and that not all cops are out there to get kids. I loved working at the Police Station!

My last job was at the Day Care. Lets just say special people are required to work at a day care and I am not one of those people. I did learn two things while I was working there, first thing I learned is PATIENCE and the second thing is that all the kids are smarter than you and know they are, no changing their mind.

I also had the pleasure of working at the Cafeteria and Meals on Wheels. I learned to control my emotions and that I am very fortunate! Many of the kids that come to the cafeteria walk miles for just one meal a day. Many of the people we delivered meals to really needed a meal because they can’t go out to the store and buy food for themselves. This job really changed my mindset on a lot of things.

I completed ten hours of community service which was, working at the Golf Tournament, Swisher County Picnic, and the Inside Out Foundation

I have had so much fun this summer. I want to say Thank You to all the advisors, mentors, and leaders who made this internship possible for me! I couldn’t have done it without the motivation they gave me.

I hope you all that have been reading my blogs have enjoyed the updates of this amazing journey!

XOXO- Anndee Lou Young 🙂



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