And so it begins…

imageMy name is Yesenia Gallardo. I was raised in Hereford, Texas in a traditional Mexican-American home with my six older siblings. I am the youngest child, but by far the most precocious, in my own humble opinion. I look up to my siblings and always ask them for guidance and reassurance in everything I do. The fact that two of my sisters are nurses also influenced my decision to want to become a nurse. Apart from nursing, I enjoy painting, drawing, and playing video games in my spare time. All of these provide a great outlet in which I relieve my stress and rest my mind after a brutal semester of nursing school. I’ve always had an interest and passion for the arts and even was in the art club in high school, but I decided to pursue an education health care. I took a health science course for three years that allowed us to shadow various health care workers. I shadowed radiologists, phlebotomists, nuclear scientists, and nurses. I was lucky enough to shadow my sister who is a labor andimage delivery nurse in Hereford. I even got to help her deliver a baby! Nursing has always been interesting to me, and this course allowed me to further develop my decision to pursue a nursing degree. Nursing is made up of so many different components, but the part that makes nursing so wonderful is being able to care for someone when they are at their most vulnerable. This internship will help me sharpen my skills and gain the confidence and experience I need to succeed as a nurse. 


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