And it Begins

Every morning I meet Leslie, my supervisor at Covenant Hospital Plainview, at an agreed on place in the hospital. We do this so she can show me where I will be interning that day (but mostly so I won’t get lost). “Okay guys, this is Angelica. She is a nurse intern with Ogallala Commons and she will be following you around today. She is in her last semester of nursing school, so she can do anything she has learned in school, with the exception of giving medications.” Leslie continues on to say as she introduced me to the group of nurses that I will be following that day. Everyone welcomes me and I am then assigned to follow a specific nurse for that day. My days as an intern consist of following my preceptor as he/she receives report, reviews patient labs and medications to be given, performs assessments, provides bed-side care, and charts all that is done throughout the day. Talk about a busy day! Every day brings something different and new learning experiences. My preceptors are very student friendly and are open to my many (and I mean many) questions; including those on disease processes, medications, and procedures. I have opportunities where I get to practice or put into use something that I have learned in school; things like inserting and discontinuing catheters, starting IV’s, discontinuing nasogastric tubes and much more). I am living the nursing student dream! I look forward to the rest of my internship, eager to jump on any learning opportunity that comes my way.



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