And away we go!!!

Hello again OC peeps!!! Boy has this summer been flying by. I can’t believe that is already three weeks into my internship. I have been working at SERCO Inc. here in Borger. They are an industrial general contractor that works in refineries and gas plants. They also have a sister company that rents construction equipment called Star Rentals. When I interviewed with the company they asked if there was any specific place that I wanted to work. I said no, that I wanted to do as much as I could and learn all that I could while I was with them. Serco is a very safety conscience company, and they were generous enough to train me in all aspects of how we can be safe not only in the shop, but in the industrial areas that I will be able to work in as well. Their safety manager Shane worked with me and then I went to Frank Phillips College and took a safety class and site-specific trainings for Chevron Phillips Petroleum and Solvay. These are two refineries that are here in town that I will be working in. After that training, I was able to train on a forty-foot man lift. I’m not going to lie; it was a little scary to be that high. I got to help a crew in that is working in Chevron Phillips that is demoing some pipes. It was very interesting. Those guys on the crew were very nice and very good at their jobs. Right now, I am working at Star Rentals with the supervisor named Rocky. He has been really good to show me the ropes and I am really enjoying working here. I am answering phones, renting out and selling equipment, doing orders on the computer, and interacting with customers and other workers from SERCO. Hopefully when I finish my internship, I will have met all the goals that I set in communications, leadership, and professional networking. These goals are: in communications to be more proficient in talking with customers and on the phone, in leadership to be a hard worker and always do what is asked of me to the best of my ability, and in expanding my professional network to talk to different customers and clients of SERCO and put my name out there. I really feel like if I work hard and make an effort to be safe and consistent in my work habits these and other goals will go hand in hand and make me a more well-rounded individual and worker.  

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