An experience to remember

IMG_4509IMG_3729It was a great summer to be a Ogallala Commons intern, I learned so much from my community, mentors, and experiences throughout the internship. From working at the Farmers Market to the Harvest Center Greenhouse I gained skills I will carry far into my future. The hours put into the internship were tough at times, but in the end helped me realize how important the Ogallala commons is as well as supporting your community.

Some of the projects I worked on include being a “market manager” at our local farmers market, there I worked in helping vendors and customers with any task possible. One of the larger projects that I completed while at the farmers market was bringing recycling to the market. Before there was no recycling at all, but after I met with our local Waste management company and convinced them to work with us. I also made signs to help educate our community on how to recycle at our market. It was hard to convince them, since they were worried about contaminated objects being thrown in with the clean recycling, but I persevered in helping them understand how important it is to recycle at a place like the farmers market.

I also worked in a Greenhouse during my internship. I did some community service as well as gaining hours for my internship. I was left to take care of the greenhouse during the week, that meant watering, weeding, caring for the overall greenhouse. During my last sessions at the greenhouse I lead tours of the greenhouse to those interested in seeing how a community participates in high altitude gardening. Working in a greenhouse was very educating because I learned so much about plants and how to care for them. It was difficult at times to work out a schedule to come to the greenhouse day after day, but I was able to make it work. I am so glad I participated in helping the Harvest Center this summer, it was very rewarding to be apart of.

My supervisor and I were able to come up with a work plan that fit my schedule and would be completed before I was off to college. It was tough trying to cram some hours in, but I managed to do it and complete my hours before moving off to Missoula, MT, where I am currently. It was a great experience and I will carry these experiences into my future.

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