all the experiences

During this internship I have had the opportunity to take part in many different and exciting experiences.

Throughout the summer I worked in the Summer Lunch Program to feed children during the summer. This showed me the importance of looking after the children in your community, making sure they have what they need and teaching them about proper nutrition

At Head Start I helped the staff prepare for the upcoming school year by filing paperwork, making packets, sorting through electronic equipment. I don’t think I faced any failures here and the final outcome was a better knowledge of the education system.

Next I went to medical camp supported by AHEC of the Plains. At camp, I learned how to clean a wound, insert an IV, wrap a sprain / broken bone, treat a burn, take blood pressure, and listen to the heart and lungs. I saw a simulated birth, an ultrasound, and made connections to people in the medical field.


For my third week, I worked at the City of Tulia. I learned how the city operated, future thoughts and plans for Tulia, and that police cars have radar for behind them. Through this week, I met many new people and learned things I never knew about small town government.


While working in the County Courthouse, I learned how the justice system worked and the importance of it. I also learned how to preserve the history of the city and how important it is to save that history so we can share it with the future generations.

At the Chamber of Commerce, I learned of the importance of publicity and social events. These help the town to attract new, interested people, which cause the city to grow. At the Chamber, I made signs for the parade, handed out parade entries, and completely updated the information of restaurants, shops, landlords, small business services, and churches.

When I was working with the hospital, I learned how X-rays worked, the necessity of physical rehab, and the importance of knowing when to go to the emergency room.

For my last two weeks, I worked at the AgriLife Extension Office. There I learned that the extension office’s job is to give information and teach the community the findings of the Texas A&M College branches. I helped to clean up the show barns after the ranch rodeo.  I also learned how to sew and had a wonderful time helping with 4-H camp.

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