Mia Ramirez


May 8, 2017

My name is Mia Ramirez, I am from a tiny town called Seguin, Texas I have lived in this semi-rural town all of my life. I attend school at Texas Lutheran University , and I am majoring in art and literature. Although My majors reflect my artistic appeal, I have always been attracted to rural areas for their simplicity, and the things surrounding my environment, including animals, plants, people and the demographics about my area. Nature is a big part of my of of my life, I am the proud owner of  9 cacti, and I love floating down the river like any true Texan would! I am also very passionate about music and the arts, I embrace music and art to its fullest potential because it is such an important aspect in my life. My hobbies include listening to music, reading, playing volleyball, drawing, painting and sculpting items out of clay. My dream job is to sell my own art work and to work in a museum,  the internship with Ogallala Commons will help me reach those goals, by expanding my variety of leadership skills, and possibly learning new things about different topics in which I am not familiar with.

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