All About Me – Jeff Miner

Well a brief synopsis all about me is that I am from the North Eastern part of Colorado in the Yuma District, I am really into Computer Sciences and Programming, as well and science in general and video gaming. These activities and hobbies are the key aspects of my life which really push me forward towards my goals and always teaching me new skills or learning new opportunities. I am a Senior at Haxtun Highschool with the hope to graduate and get accepted into the Colorado School of Mines for Computer Sciences and hope to get a bachelors within it. I am hoping to use my internship at Retread Threads and Prairie IT to learn new skills to make me better at computer sciences and while teaching me to be a harder worker and keep going on forward. With the Ogallala Commons helping me while within this Internship Program I feel like I can achieve great things that really will make a difference in the world and provide me with a amazing life to look back upon in the future. Some skills I say that I possess are, diligence which help me get work done fast and efficiently in a great quality, knowledgeable with my many years of life has given me a knack on how the world works, adaptable with the ability to learn and overcome any challenge. These skills all combined together give me my work ethic and my passion to do great things to hopefully give myself an edge within the world that we live in. I’ve been Jeff Miner and thanks for reading the blog!

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