All About Me!

My name is Madison Cuckow, I am now a senior at Crowley County High School in a small town called Ordway in Colorado. I was born in Pueblo Colorado February 5th I am a small town girl but I love the city lights as well. I know how to ride horses well and I love riding four wheelers. I absolutely love dogs! I love playing Volleyball; I am an outside hitter on the varsity team. I sometimes babysit for families and I find that very fun for me because I love engaging with younger kids. I have a kind heart and I love helping the youth and elders. Occupational Therapy, Audiology teaching and nursing all strongly interests me because I love teaching and helping other people. It is my first year as an intern with Ogallala Commons and I already know that this internship is going to be a great experience for me. It is going to teach me how to maintain great community leadership skills. This internship will also teach me to become a better person in order to lead my hometown/community. This Internship and would also help me decide what I really want to spend my career doing. I have already had so much fun this internship and I am excited for more. With this internship I will be shadowing an audiologist in my valley hometown, La Junta. Shadowing the audiologist  will be a great career exploration and learning experience for me. I’m super excited to get started! The Talon Point Retreat Center was awesome! I made new friends and memories. So far I am enjoying everything about this internship.

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