all about me

             My name is Taylor Michelle Damron, and I was born on December 6, 1996. I have lived in the same house in Tulia my whole life.  I am looking forward to my senior year when school starts. I hope to get my basics at South Plains College and then transfer to Texas Tech University. I plan to major in education and become an elementary teacher. I will be the fourth generation in my family to become an elementary teacher. I also hope to get my real estate license in the future.  My mom teaches second grade, and my dad is a landlord. I guess my family is very influential in my life. Since my mom teaches second grade in Nazareth, I attend school there. Nazareth is about twenty-five miles from Tulia, so the driving can be a hassle. My mom has taught for twenty-three years; so my babysitter was in Nazareth, and I went to daycare there, also. All my friends live in Nazareth. I feel like I am in Nazareth more than I am in Tulia most days. This is why I chose to intern in Nazareth instead of Tulia.

             I am honored to intern for Darryl Birkenfeld under Ogallala Commons. It is difficult to find a job as a high school student in rural communities, but I did not decide to intern just because I desperately needed a summer job. I was thinking toward the future whenever I decided to intern. The internship will look great on job applications and resumes for future jobs. Babysitting was not enough job experience to get a decent job. The internship will teach me valuable skills for the future.

                                                                                                     taylor intern photo        me and mom photo

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