Abreigh Warner

My name is Abreigh Warner. I am a junior in High School. I live in Vega, Texas. I’ve been living in Vega since I was nine years old. My mother and I have lived in Houston since I was born. My mother grew up in Vega and decided that this was the place for us. 

My internship is at the Milburn-Price Culture Museum. Growing up in Vega I would always go to the museum. I never could’ve imagined that I’d have an internship here. My internship at the Milburn-Price Culture Museum includes many things that can benefit me later on in life.

On my first day on the job, I was able to clean a 1923 Ford Model T. We keep the Model T in the museum because of Lizzie from the Cars Movie. A lady in Vega named Dot was interviewed and parts of her personality were put into the personality of Lizzie from Cars. Also on the first day, another intern and I swept the area around the front door and dusted shelves. The other intern and I were also able to dust pictures in the other building of the museum. The interesting thing about the pictures we dusted was that they had dates and stories that applied to the picture.

On the second day, a tour bus came through Route 66 and stopped at our museum. We took the tourists on a tour throughout Vega. We showed them different murals throughout Vega, and we showed the tourists Dot’s Minnie Museum. We took the tourists to Mama Jo’s pie shop in Vega. On the third day, my boss brought another intern and me to the Route 66 Festival on Sixth Street. I drove a scooter/train around and picked up little kids. We stayed outside for eleven hours just walking around the festival and helping around our booth. 

My internship at the Milburn-Price Museum is going great. I know that this internship is going to do great things for me and my community.

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