Ogallala Common’s mission is based on a concept called the commons, an idea originating in late-medieval European societies, as well as practices that are utilized in communal resource management around the world. Ogallala Commons was initiated in 1999 as a resource development network for reinvigorating the depleted commonwealth in the High Plains region of the Great Plains, and continues to function according to that original vision. To learn more read “A Region Reforming,” a paper that delves into the philosophies that inspire Ogallala Commons, a definition of the commons, and a brief summary of how Ogallala Commons functioned in its first five–years, 1999-2003. Also, two books that offer essential information about the commons:

Our Commonwealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work by Jonathan Rowe

All That We Share: A Field Guide to The Commons by Jay Walljasper (The New Press, NY, 2010)