Commonwealth: What Every Community Has

OC focuses on commonwealth because it is the foundation for building new careers and enterprises.

Commonwealth consists of local & regional assets that can be enhanced, preserved, and invested in
to generate more resources over a long­term horizon. No matter how financially poor or rich a town may be, there are 12 key assets already present in any community.

  • Gifts of the natural world and human society that have monetary and non­monetary value in supporting life and well­being for both human and natural communities.
  • Wealth we inherit or create together, which we desire to pass on, as undiminished and regenerative as possible, to our children and future generations.
  • A sector of the economy that compliments but is also distinct from the market and government sectors.
  • Communal assets that increase or decrease depending on management.

Ogallala Commons has identified 12 Key Assets of Commonwealth (see graphic above). Each asset is intertwined with the others, and no matter how financially poor or rich a town may be, these 12 key assets are present in any community: