Ogallala_Aquifer_mapOgallala Commons has grown from a small project into a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides leadership and education to reinvigorate communities of the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer region. The Ogallala Aquifer is a tremendous gift of groundwater that intertwines all human and natural communities living in this unified area of the Great Plains, even though we are politically and culturally sectioned into 8 different states.

Ogallala Commons is shaped and directed by a 9-member Board of Directors, assisted by an Advisory Council and a small staff–men and women leaders from 6 states in the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer region—leaders who follow the vision of Ogallala Commons and build it into an operational community resource network.

What Does Ogallala Commons Do?

Ogallala Commons works to reinvigorate the commonwealth that forms the basis of our assets. Simply put, Ogallala Commons helps communities “to do together what no one community can do alone.” Our mission is carried out through a 4-part approach: 1) weaving a collaborative network of diverse partners, 2) building an education outreach with annual conferences, workshops, and templates, 3) fostering a sense of place to instill meaning and inspire stewardship for our landscapes and hometowns, and 4) rebuilding resilient communities to sustain people and the land.

During its initial decade of operation, Ogallala Commons launched projects in renewable energy education, water conservation, rebuilding local food systems, youth engagement, and community developments, all projects connected to 12 Key Assets of Commonwealth.

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